The Discover Luxembourg (by foot) concept was initiated in 2008 as an annual one-day event in collaboration with the Ville de Luxembourg and the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO). Up to 100 teams of four follow directions in EN / FR and cover a route of between 6-8km, or so, to discover different aspects of Luxembourg city: culture, history, technology and gastronomy. Along the course the teams compete in challenges to win points, with prizes for the winning teams.

In 2014, the concept was evolved to a Discover Luxembourg (by car) with teams driving electric vehicles for circa 75km across Luxembourg (country) and competing is similar challenges…

For the Discover Luxembourg (by foot) event, participants are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear and bring protection against the elements (umbrellas / raincoats / sun cream…). In some years we have had two routes, one (5-6km) more suitable for families with buggies / strollers / push-chairs as it usually has no (or very few) steps to climb, and another (slightly longer at 8-10km) route for others seeking a longer walk. In recent years we have just one route, a combination of the two.

The event promotes local charity organisations with between €500 – €1,000 annually: Croix Rouge (2008), Luxembourg Air Rescue (2009), the Alzheimer’s Association (2010), Special Olympics Luxembourg (2011), SOS Village d’Enfants (2012), Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner (2013). In 2014, Discover Luxembourg supported the World Peace Forum / Schengen Peace Foundation and the OMEGA 90 palliative care centre in 2015 and Stëmm vun der Strooss (2016), in 2017 supported Handicap International; In 2018, we supported Kanner Jugend Telefon. In 2019, we supported Isle aux Clowns; in 2021 (no event in 2020) we supported Ilula Orphan Program (IOP) Tanzania and, in 2022, we supported the Fondation Follerau Luxembourg. We will confirm shortly the charity to be supported in 2023.

COVID-19 and Discover Luxembourg

While the 2020 event could not take place due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 2021 event was able to proceed, with certain COVID-19 restrictions in place: the number of teams participating was limited to 50, t-shirts were not distributed to participants, the departure times were staggered more to ensure physical distancing at all times, the Start and Finish Stations were at the same location, we could not gather together afterwards for a prize-giving – instead, this was done remotely after the event. However, we ensured that all teams collected prizes upon finishing.

This slight reorganisation in the planning actually worked very well, and we adopted the same approach for 2022, also as it was appreciated by those participating. We will now continue this same approach for 2023.


Event Dates

  • The 2023 Discover Luxembourg (by foot around Luxembourg city) was planned to take place on Saturday 16 September 2023.  click here to register. This event has been postponed to 2024.
  • The date for the next Discover Luxembourg (Electric Car Rally around the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) will be published when the event is being planned.


Past Winners:

Year Winner
2022 (by foot):  Soup or Bowl 22
2021 (by foot):  Belairians
2020: no event due to COVID-19 n/a
2019 (by foot):  LuxBrothers
2018 (by foot):  Ma-i-team
2017 (by foot):  Young Internationals
2016 (by foot):  Young Internationals
2015 (by foot):  The Brady Bunch
2015 (by car):  SUSMAR
2014 (by foot):  Jaunty Juanjuta
2014 (by car):  Futurama
2013 (by foot):  The Carrotts
2012 (by foot):  La Komanda
2011 (by foot):  Walram
2010 (by foot):  Kali
2009 (by foot):  Coco
2008 (by foot):  Villa Belair