The 2019 Discover Luxembourg (by foot) takes place Saturday 7 September 2019

For the Discover Luxembourg (by foot) event, participants are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear and bring protection against the elements (umbrellas / raincoats / sun cream…). The Short Route is appropriate for families with buggies / strollers / push-chairs as it usually have no (or very few) steps to climb. The Long Route is longer (8-10km) than the 5-6km Short Route.

Teams may consist of a maximum of 4 team members, of which one must be aged 18+. A 5th member is allowed only if they are aged under 12 years.

The event will commence at around 13:00 and will finish at around 20:00. Teams of 4 will have the chance to walk either the 5-6km route or the 8-10km route around the city of Luxembourg and its suburbs. Along the course participants will be able to discover different aspects of Luxembourg (cultural, historical, gastronomical, technical)d as well as undertaking various challenges where they can earn points to win prizes.

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